10' x ½" Hose Whip with Inline Filter Lubricator Kit



  • 10' 1/2" ID rubber hose whip with 1/2" MPT ferruled ends with quick connects. A hose guard spring is included on each end to protect the wear and tear of the hose.
  • Inline Filter and Lubicator with Pressure Relief Cap. The body is made from cast aluminum and has a 1.4 fluid ounce reservoir. The maximum working pressure is 500 psi., and the maximum airflow is 30 CFM at 90 psi.
  • The Pressure Relief Cap allows the operator to depressurize the reservoir after the lubricator has been disconnected from the airline. Depressurization is necessary to keep the oil in the reservoir from continually flowing when not in use.
  • 10’ is the maximum allowable length for the inline oil lubricator.

Custom length hose whip kits are available. Please contact us for pricing.

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